The term “breast reconstruction” is used to describe the surgical procedure aiming to restore the shape, size, and overall appearance of the female breast after partial or total mastectomy. The ultimate goal of the surgery is the creation of a new breast, symmetrical with the contralateral healthy breast.  

In recent decades, in the advanced countries of Europe and the USA, breast reconstruction operation has been considered an integral part of the comprehensive treatment, within the framework of an integrated treatment of breast cancer. Many centers regularly proceed to immediate breast reconstruction, that is, at the same time of the mastectomy. Therefore, the patient “wakes up” from the operation with a new breast, having been spared the experience of losing her breast.

In women who do not have excess abdomen fat or have had previous abdominal surgeries, the option of using tissue from the buttocks (S-GAP & I-GAP) is offered. In the case of buttocks tissue as well, we have the advantages of using only skin and fat without the simultaneous use of silicone implants.

The evolution of plastic surgery techniques has now made it possible to reconstruct the breast using only tissue from the same organism (autologous tissue), in order to achieve a result as normal as possible, combined, of course, with patient safety. All modern breast reconstruction techniques applied throughout the world and mentioned above are also applied in Greece with great success.